🌸🌳🐤Flower Ducky🐤🌳🌸

We wanted to create an organic space for the player that wasn't affected by the pollution, where there are trees, grass, flowers, blue sky, and white clouds. Players can feel easily and happily with the beauty of nature in the game.

Planting more trees in the right spots will help the player get closer to the goal. This idea helps reflect the theme of Wilderness and shows that the more trees and wildlife you spawn in will bring you closer to your goal.

To reach the goal, control the duck to jump to different height of trees, overcome obstacles to get the flower floating in the sky.

Alexa Agustiano- Code, User Interface
Nathanial Bui- Code, Game Mechanics
Yana Garkusha- Game Visuals
Jie Liu- Game Visuals

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